Bi-Polar Disorder

Bi-Polar Disorder, Bi Polar Mania Disorder and Depressive Bi polar Disorder

Bi polar disorder is a mental illness that is medicated both often and heavily, as it is a much more serious and dangerous mental illness than something like ADD or ADHD, both of which are much less so. Bi polar disorder if left untreated, can cause pretty severe damage to your psyche, as well as physical body if left untreated. Those afflicted with the mental illness can stay up for days at a time when in a manic episode, and sleep for days at a time when in a major depressive episode, and either one of these can lead the afflicted to injure themselves is left untreated-it is for this reason that it is absolutely necessary for pharmacies (urgence dentaire nuit) to be open for 24 hours.

Major Depressive Disorder

A disorder categorized by weight gain or weight loss, loss of interest in previously fun activities, and sleeping and moping around for days at a time.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attack Syndrome in Severe instances of Panic Attacks

Generalized anxiety disorder and those dealing with panic attacks can treat this by a number of anti-anxiety medications frequently picked up at 24 hour pharmacies in France. This is one of the most commonly prescribed reasons for visits to the pharmacy.

And a host of other types of medications, illnesses, symptoms and disorders, continue reading for more details!

Why do People Use 24 hour pharmacies?

The drug stores don’t operate on business hours hence a client would get to the store anytime.

The drugs there are relatively cheap hence frequently visited .

The drug stores are visited by customers when they have questions. Just to ask the expertise pharmacists about information concerning proper dosage,side effects and duration of use besides drug dispensation.

The pharmacy employees are actually trained pharmacologists.

What are the common ages of people that go into 24 hour pharmacies?

The people who frequent the stores are of all ages that includes babies, children , parents and youths.

Do 24 hour Drug store sell other products than medicine, like food and snacks?

The drug store also used to stock beauty products not limited to the list below are:

Face wash
Thermal spring water sprays
Makeup remover
Lip balms
Hair masque
Hair shampoo

The apothecary also supply a variety of vitamins, immune boosters, weight loss pills and dietary snacks.